Title - Market Analysis Tools Account
Market Analysis Tools features for users in a developed country:
Thanks to the support of the European Union, ITC provides free access to European Union users to all the features of our Market Analysis Tools until 31 December 2022.

  • Trade Map

    Trade in services dataaccess authorized
    Yearly trade data (HS and tariff line)access authorized
    Monthly and quarterly trade data at the 2-digit level (HS)access authorized
    Monthly and quarterly trade data at the 4 and 6-digit level (HS) and at the tariff line levelaccess under subscription
    Company dataaccess under subscription

  • Investment Map

    FDI flows and stocks for about 200 countriesaccess authorized
    Historical series of FDI data broken down by partner country/UN ISIC sectorsaccess authorized
    Trade and tariff data by UN ISIC sectorsaccess authorized
    Detailed information on foreign affiliates established in developing countriesaccess under subscription

  • Market Access Map

    Customs Tariffsaccess authorized
    Tariff Rate Quota (TRQ)access authorized
    Trade Remedies such as anti-dumping, countervailing, safeguard, and other measures.access authorized
    Non-tariff measuresaccess authorized
    Bulk download of market access dataaccess authorized

  • Market Price information

    Daily prices for 300 agricultural productsaccess authorized
    Daily markets newsaccess authorized

  • Procurement Map

    Public tendersaccess authorized
    Contracts awardsaccess authorized
    Policy informationaccess authorized

  • Rules of Origin Facilitator

    Trade agreementsaccess authorized
    Duty ratesaccess authorized
    Preferential and non-preferential rules of originaccess authorized
    Origin certificatesaccess authorized
    Customs proceduresaccess authorized