Title - Market Analysis Tools Account
Market Analysis Tools features for users in a developed country:
  • Trade Map

    Trade in services dataaccess authorized
    Yearly trade data (HS and tariff line)access authorized
    Monthly and quarterly trade data at the 2-digit level (HS)access authorized
    Monthly and quarterly trade data at the 4 and 6-digit level (HS) and at the tariff line levelaccess under subscription
    Company dataaccess under subscription

  • Investment Map

    FDI flows and stocks for about 200 countriesaccess authorized
    Historical series of FDI data broken down by partner country/UN ISIC sectorsaccess authorized
    Trade and tariff data by UN ISIC sectorsaccess authorized
    Detailed information on foreign affiliates established in developing countriesaccess under subscription

  • Market Access Map

    Tariffs applied by more than 190 importing countries and non-tariff measuresaccess authorized
    Tariff averages by sector, indicators and trade agreementsaccess authorized
    Comparative analysis of multiple products, markets and suppliersaccess under subscription
    Bulk download of market access dataaccess under subscription

  • Standards Map

    Information on over 125 voluntary standards operating in more than 200 countries covering over 80 sectorsaccess authorized
    Pre-set queries to simplify standard analysisaccess authorized
    Advanced module to construct personalized queries using over 700 criteriaaccess authorized
    Access to latest ITC publications, sourcing guide, and literature review on voluntary standardsaccess authorized